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You Don’t Need a DSLR

Teaching Photography in India

Teaching Photography in India

Yes you can use your point and shoot.

You don’t have to buy a big fancy camera with too many bells and whistles. After 25 years of shooting film in my professional photography career in Silicon Valley I am qualified to say these little cameras kick ass! So listen up, if you want some dazzling shots that will impress your friends. If you don’t want to spend $1000 on a swanky camera, you don’t have to!

Yes, not all point and shoots are created equally.

My two favorites are Lumix (Panasonic) and Canon – the one I liked was a G-11. Get the smallest Canon you can find with 9 to 12 MB high resolution files and you’ll be fine.

The point is both of these cameras have superior lenses and that is the most important part of the camera not the body. Major point: just because the camera is highly evolved does not mean it will take the photo for you.

No, you actually have to compose your shot.

When I see tourists mindlessly holding up the camera from too far away, using the wrong angle, and over-zooming, I know their pictures are not worth looking at.

Also these people take photos of other people eating. This is a breach of bad taste. Don’t take a photo of anyone eating if you care that they might never call you again.

No one likes a photo of themselves with mouth wide open and a huge portion of fries going in. Don’t do it.

If you have control, ask your subject questions and be sneaky – don’t ask them to pose. Everyone hates posing. Except for Vogue models who get paid to be skinny. Be more smooth and strategic and trick them into it.

Here’s what I do: Set your camera to intelligent auto or set your camera manually but get it ready don’t do anything with the controls when you are in the presence of your subject. If they see you fiddling with your camera they won’t forget you are taking their picture. Yes it is that simple. Don’t draw attention to yourself by playing with your aperture or muttering I wish I knew how to use my camera just take my course which is the easiest and best way on how to learn fast what took me years to figure out. Amazing Photography Secrets on Udemy

All you need is one good photo, not 100. You only have 2 seconds or less to get it so this gives you time to practice your timing. Be fast. Magic waits for no one. Get the shot or at least try to get it. Talk to your subject, get them to think about something other than the fact that their photo is being captured.

Check out my intro video on how to do this here.

It’s important to look at your shots afterwards so you can visually comprehend where you failed and where you succeeded. The failures teach you more than the good ones. When you miss a shot that is amazing of a person or animal you feel a tinge of regret but this is what will get you out shooting again. You have to try again! Go ahead and keep practicing.

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