Kauai Hawaii, Things to Do, Helicopter Tour

Kauai Hawaii, Things to Do, Helicopter Tour

Flying in a helicopter is the most sparkly thing I’ve done all year.

My heart lifted into my throat. I was floating.

I busted free of gravity.

Soaring over the Jurassic Park movie locations my brain was bombarded with actual reality.

I live here!

Kauai is one of the most amazing places in the world to photograph and doing it from a helicopter was breathtaking. I had to force myself to capture the photograph while quickly hovering over magnificent waterfalls and gasp-worthy emerald green cliffs jutting over blissfully cobalt fathomlessly deep ocean water.

My soul was in overdrive.

And I appreciate this 25 by 33 mile wide island like I never have before. After 2 years of living here it rocked my world.

Photo Tip: don’t bring a long lens, its too hard to focus while flying. Use your iphone 6+ like I did to shoot this video and the photo below.

You can take a DSLR but make sure you get the front seat. I didn’t but I had special arrangements. More advice? Go to my photography advice playlist on YouTube here.

Bring any camera you have. Learn photography and yoga with me on Kauai. Check it out here.



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