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Magical Timing, How to Get it in Your Photography

www.bartnikowski.comIncredible portraits are caught like a 20 meter pass in football.  Yes you gotta be Fast!


Myth: the high-end camera gets the shots for you.

No this is not true. It is your ability to flow in the ethers of magical timing. That’s how you capture a split second of divine timing. And you can do it with a point and shoot if you have the flash turned off.

But it takes practice. And in this speedy world, people want it to happen yesterday.

Magical timing takes years to develop. Maybe it will take you less time.

It takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at anything. I’ve put my time in.

 And it’s a spiritual quest.

It requires:

Forgetting about yourself, problems, and issues.

Letting your thoughts float away.

You are in the moment so fiercely that there is nothing else. Stay there.

Connect with the exquisite person. Baby or elephant. Nothing else exists but you and the dragonfly. Then.

There is joy and also a raw tenderness that is so fragile it’s like a droplet of water trembling on a wet flower petal after a rainstorm – it’s just about to drop and you must catch it falling in the air.

It’s an exquisite slice of a second – this is what we are after.

Feel the being of this spirit in front of you. Let them tell you things that words can’t describe. It’s all in the vibrations of that person/rhino/or tiny tot. Let them speak to you.

This all happens in about 2 seconds sometimes less.

 It isn’t seize the moment – it’s seize the split second!

So you wait patiently, and then pounce.

You forget who you are, your name, and phone number.

You just are.

See what this does for you picture taking – you will be amazed and astonished how this changes things for you.

Write and tell me.

The above photo was caught in Peru on a windy mountaintop not far from Machu Picchu. I bought a water bottle carrier from her and then gestured to my film camera, her eyes said yes so I went to work.

Boom! Fast, Now, and In the Moment.

It has all the elements of magical timing: connect, shoot, be like the wind, FAST.