How to Stop Action

Photo by Kresta Painter

Photo by Kresta Painter, Anahola, Kauai 2015

Yes you can freeze a second forever in your photography.

Last week, Kresta, my brilliant student shot this photo of me, she is a rising star in the surf photography world. She consulted with me to improve her chops.

Here is how to stop motion.

On your camera, switch off Auto and onto Manual.

Find your Shutter Speed Setting. Usually this corresponds with exactly where your right index finger will land on the body of the camera – on a well designed camera like a Canon this will be true.

But you might have to consult your Camera’s manual.  Just look for Shutter Speed.

Set the number of your shutter speed at 250 or higher.

Set your ISO at 800 or higher if it is less sunny.

Aperture, set it on how much you want to be in focus, the entire frame? High Aperture – 16 and above.

Take your shot. You can use the continuous shooting mode or motor drive option that we film users employed in the last century, it allows you to shoot many photos in a row.

Go For It!

Advice: You can speed ahead fast when you work with a mentor, when you have the basics in a nutshell you don’t have to struggle to learn your camera, you learn how to shoot expertly and can get amazing photos instantly. Guaranteed results.

I’m driving, you can relax and have fun! Call me. Learn More at the link below.


Photo by Kresta Painter, Anahola, Kauai

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