How to Get Stunning Photographs

Hawaii, Lanikai Beach

Hawaii, Lanikai Beach

10 Tips: How to Get Amazing Photographs with Any Camera

You can learn how to do it, even if you’ve never picked up a camera before.

Lets dive in.

1. It’s all about your vision not your pixels. An iphone can get stunning photos. And so do many point and shoots. I shot the above photo with an iphone.

2.  Four things to remember that robots can’t do yet. It all comes down to this: Light, Angle, Composition, and Timing. This is what makes a photo incredible.

3. You are painting with light. Your canvas is the viewfinder or LED screen, what will you put inside it and what will you take out of it? Check all four sides of the viewfinder/LED screen and ask yourself is there anything else I want on my canvas? Or something to take out on the edge?

4. Your camera adapts to you, you don’t change for your tool. Ask a photography expert about cameras not a photo store sales person. Learn what your camera can and can’t do, if you have a DSLR learn how to use it in manual settings, call me I’ll show you.

5. ANGLE lay on the floor, shoot up into trees, get up high and shoot down. Ask yourself before you click the shutter, how can I show this view in the best possible way? Then let your intuition guide you.

6. If you don’t have manual settings, concentrate on angle, composition, and timing. That’s what I did with my first Diana camera from my Grandpa when I was 7 years old.

7. Go on a photo walk. Give yourself the gift of golden light, go out shooting at sunrise or sunset. You’ll see magic!

8. Awareness, feel your environment, listen hear and taste it, you’ll know what to photograph by paying acute attention to your surroundings. Don’t think about it. Be like a child and go for the gusto.

9. Patience. Slow down. Let the photograph come to you. As you practice you’ll see the photograph before you capture it. If the light is perfect start shooting, it won’t be the same when you get back from the bathroom. Shoot now!

10. Perseverance, don’t give up, get the best angle and don’t let anyone take it from you. Most importantly, play and be happy while you are shooting. Don’t stress out about the controls, put it in auto and gradually learn the manual settings.

Get to know your point and shoot or phone like it’s a part of your body, like your arm.

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